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You are by accident of fate, alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet - Carl Sagan

Human Animal

It would indeed be a tragedy if the history of the human race proved to be nothing more than the story of an ape playing with a box of matches on a petrol dump. -David Gore

Mouse and Elephant

With a stout heart, a mouse can lift an elephant -Tibetan proverb

Man is a strange animal

Man is a strange animal, he doesn't like to read the handwriting on the wall until his back is up against it. - Adlai Stevenson

 Climate Solutions as a Bicentennial Legacy

In the year 2016, the State of Indiana celebrates her 200th birthday. If we act now, the Bicentennial Legacy
we can leave to our children and our children’s children, is a healthy, robust and sustainable future.

Events and Opportunities in Indiana


2014 Mid-America Prosperity and Security (MAPS) Conference

All Day   Indiana State University, Terre Haute IN

The MAPS collaborative is comprised of academics, civic leaders, military personnel, farmers and landowners, and the business community. All of our voices — and many more — are necessary for a transformative conversation about how to bring the mission of MAPS to life.

Climate Solution Story of the Week

Locally Grown Apples

Locally Grown Apples

Over the last ten years Dick and Jude Sochacki have developed...