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April 29- (Muncie) Next System Teach-in at Ball State

Ball State University, 2000 W University Ave, Muncie, IN 47306
April 29, 2016 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
April 29- (Muncie) Next System Teach-in at Ball State

The Next System Teach-in at Ball State is scheduled for April 29.   For those who have not heard about the Teach-Ins happening around the country in late April, I have pasted the following from their website: 

“The Next System Project is an ambitious multi-year initiative aimed at thinking boldly about what is required to deal with the systemic challenges the United States faces now and in coming decades. Responding to real hunger for a new way forward, and building on innovative thinking and practical experience with new economic institutions and approaches being developed in communities across the country and around the world, the goal is to put the central idea of system change, and that there can be a ‘next system,’ on the map.”

On the morning of April 29, the Ball State Teach-In will focus on: 1) current drivers of on-going system change, 2) the new economy that is emerging, 3) dimensions of this new economy, and 4) strategies for provisioning communities to thrive in this next system.  Afternoon sessions will explore various aspects of the system that is emerging in the Midwest and local communities of Indiana.  The Ball State Teach-in will close with explorations of how to sustain and expand the conversation.

I hope you will visit our website at, reserve the date, and register to attend.

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