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Aug 18- Indianapolis – Worker Cooperatives: A Succession Planning Tool for Small Businesses

Farm Bureau, 225 S. East St., Indianapolis, IN 46202
August 18, 2016 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Aug 18- Indianapolis - Worker Cooperatives: A Succession Planning Tool for Small Businesses

The Indiana Cooperative Development Center and Indiana Association for Community Economic Development (IACED) are partnering on Thursday, August 18, 2016, to convene a summit and explore strategies for community reinvestment and small business succession using a worker cooperative model to maintain and grow community wealth.

The impacts and opportunities for why now is the ideal time to explore worker cooperatives in Indiana include the effect on Indiana downtowns of long held family businesses closing, the loss of jobs and community wealth, the often historic buildings left in the wake of closure, and the growing interest in an approach to business which creates financial and social return. Worker cooperatives provide the potential for several community economic development benefits.

*         Creating new, living wage jobs for community


*         Anchoring capital within neighborhoods to jumpstart

            more local economic activity

*         Promoting asset accumulation for residents

*         Building viable, locally-owned economic enterprises

             that can help stabilize communities

Worker cooperatives are part of the solution because they build local wealth that stays in the community. They are part of the solution because they create quality jobs. Workers have a meaningful role in the business, as they contribute to and benefit from the success of a company they co-own. Jobs at worker cooperatives tend to be longer-term, offer extensive skills training, and provide better wages than similar jobs in conventional companies. Worker cooperatives create meaningful change for underserved populations (social returns). More than half of worker cooperatives in the United States today were designed to improve low-wage jobs and build wealth in communities most directly affected by inequality, helping vulnerable workers build skills and earning potential, household income and assets.

Please join us on Aug. 18 to learn about this flexible business model that can help rebuild Hoosier communities.

There is no charge for the Conference, but please register at

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