Hands on Indiana

Sustainable Indiana 2016 is partnering with artists, Marilyn Gatin and Susan Peters in a very special Bicentennial art project called “Hands on Indiana” through their program, Hands on Artists.

Their goal is to create curiosity about challenging topics by organizing hubs of people at the same level of engagement on a topic and providing Hands On activities to move from one level to the next. They want to encourage active participation in and a desire to learn more about these issues through public engagement events.

The “Hands on Indiana” project collects simple hand tracings from individuals onto recycled computer keyboard film. When presented as an art medium, the painted film attracts curiosity and provides an entry point for engagement on topics of interest. By using material that is hidden under everyone’s fingertips, the projects reinforce our sense of virtual community.

Finally, their projects result in mass displays that are both monumental and intimate in the variety of hands.

For the Bicentennial, Marilyn and Susan are producing the Public Engagement Art project “Hands on Indiana” to attract attention to and foster stewardship of the Air, Water, Food, Energy, and Biodiversity in Indiana. Beyond the initial engagement, it offers the community a tool to gauge individual involvement by laying out Hands On activities for each level. It also establishes public hubs for the community to connect at the same level.

Check out the whole project and how you can get involved at