The mission of Sustainable Indiana 2016 is to discover, catalog, and celebrate Hoosier based climate solutions as a bicentennial legacy.


Sustainable Indiana 2016 (SI 2016) has been endorsed by the Indiana Bicentennial Commission as a bicentennial citizen initiative of Earth Charter Indiana, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Indiana.


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Climate Solutions (also classified as “green” or “sustainable” practices) help to mitigate the most dire consequences of climate change and/or help Hoosiers cope with current and inevitable climate intensified disruptions such as droughts, floods, wild fires, species extinction, food and water shortages, health pandemics and environmental refugees.

Two hundred of these solutions cataloged by 21 categories and 9 regions can be viewed on this website and contribute to a growing body of evidence that Indiana is becoming a national leader in climate adaption worthy of being celebrated as part of the state’s Bicentennial.