Unsung heroes, heroines and pioneers of the new normal?  Yes and deserving of recognition for their efforts.  This list is only a start so we invite you to nominate others for inclusion.  Send us your nominations by contacting us.


Green Legacy Award:

Indiana will celebrate its bicentennial in 2016. Legacy has become the moral issue of our time. What kind of world, what quality of life are we leaving our children and their children? Every generation before us, of course, has asked this question but there is a fierce urgency about “legacy” that is unique to our time.

How might we shift to a more durable and responsible way of life? What models do we have for a culture of conservation? What changes in values and behavior would be required to bring it about? Where can we see it emerging in practice? Bicentennial Green Legacy Award Winners have demonstrated this way forward. Through their work and care for their communities, they are charting a new course for Indiana’s next 200 years.

Green Lights Awards:

Indiana has long enjoyed the visionary efforts of its early Climate Leaders, the Hoosiers and organizations that have been lighting the way for the green movement to grow. In 2016, we are going to celebrate their achievements and dedication around our state. Please nominate groups and individuals here for consideration as a a Green Light leader who inspires you.

You can access the nomination form HERE.