Be a Bee Lover…Your Food Supply Depends on Them

Be a Bee Lover…Your Food Supply Depends on Them

Most of us have heard about the problem of bee die-off, or colony collapse. But, do we understand what is happening and why it is so important to humanity, as well as to the bees?

According to Marla Spivak there are multiple reasons for the bee colony collapse syndrome, but a major part of the problem is caused by the way we run our farms and produce our food. In Indiana, a farming state, the industrial farming practice of planting vast areas of single crops like corn and soybeans is a major cause of the die-off.

Marla Spivak explains that the seemingly endless miles of single crops are a food desert for the bees. There is virtually no food for the bees in these fields except for a short period when the crops are pollinating. It would be like having your grocery store open one month each year. We could not survive that, and neither can the bees.

Marla’s TED Talk is informative, fascinating and motivating. She tells us how each of us can make a difference for our food benefactors – the bees.

Watch the video of Marla. It will be the best 16 minutes you have spent in a long time.


Submitted by:

Dick Sprague

Sustainable Indiana Regional Coordinator, Region 8