Bicentennial Green-Legacy Club,
Congregation, and Classroom Awards


Indiana will celebrate its bicentennial in 2016.  Legacy has become the moral issue of our time.   What kind of world, what quality of life are we leaving our children and their children?   Every generation before us, of course, has asked this question but there is a fierce urgency about “legacy” that is unique to our time.  Scott Russell Sanders, in his book A Conservationist Manifesto, joins a growing chorus of scientists, academics, civic leaders and grassroots citizens in making the point:

“Whether one considers the disruption of global climate, the tattering of the ozone layer, the clear- cutting of forests, the loss of topsoil, the poisoning of lakes by acid rain, the collapse of ocean fisheries, the extinction of species, the looming shortages of oil and fresh water, the spread of famine and epidemic disease, or dozens of other challenges, it’s clear that our present way of life is ruinous for the planet and for all Earth’s creatures.” 

How might we shift to a more durable and responsible way of life?  What models do we have for a culture of conservation?  What changes in values and behavior would be required to bring it about? Where can we see it emerging in practice?”

The Bicentennial Green-Legacy Club Award

Clubs qualify for this award when 60 percent of their members adopt three green practices (aggregated) from the following list of 16 options.
For example: A club with 20 members would need 36 points to qualify (20 x 60% = 12 x 3 = 36).

Sixteen Personal Green Practices –1 point each

1.   Plant a garden  9.     Cut meat consumption in half
2.   Recycle 50% or more 10.    Support 3 locally owned businesses
3.   Have a Home Energy Audit 11.    Install water saving devices
4.   Insulate, seal leaks 12.    Join a CSA or Food Cooperative
5.   Drive less + Electric or Hybrid 13.    Do not fertilize or water lawn
6.   Walk 3 miles weekly 14.    Give up all soda pop drinks
7.   Buy an “Energy Star” appliance 15.    Volunteer for a civic project
8.   Choose the Green Power Option 16.    Advocate for clean, renewable energy


  • North Central Indianapolis Kiwanis Club

  • Earthtones at Valparaiso

  • The Mid-North Shepherd’s Center of Indianapolis

  • Northwest Indiana Green Drinks

  • Open Table United Church Christ of Hendrix County

  • Porter County Master Recyclers and Composters

  • Friedens United Church of Christ in Indianapolis

  • Rotary Club in Terre Haute

  • Robin Run Golden K Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis

  • Trees Inc. – Terre Haute, IN