Sequester Isn’t All Bad

We have long needed a serious national conversation on economic values.  How much is enough?  What level of consumption is sustainable on a finite planet?  What is a fair distribution of resources?  What constitutes wealth and happiness?  What are our priorities?

The Sequester is forcing this conversation.  Of course,we don’t all agree on the answers to the above questions.  …[ continue reading ]

We Need Better Leadership

I’ve got really mixed feelings on the President’s State of the Union speech last night.  Yes,I appreciate that he mentioned climate change,minimum wage,equality for women,and gun violence among his long list of issues.  There were crumbs for almost everyone.

Sadly,however,his priority on “middle class jobs” is a cruel illusion. While he did mention the …[ continue reading ]

Volunteers Wanted

A few committed people who understand the urgent need to heal our planet including Indiana.  Good things are already underway and the upcoming bicentennial in 2016 is a perfect opportunity to see how much more can be done and celebrated on the State’s 200th birthday bash.  Opportunities are available state-wide for Regional Coordinators of Sustainable Indiana 2016.  Indicate your interest …[ continue reading ]


I’m too busy. You’re too busy. We’re all too busy. So,how is all this busyness working out for us? Indiana is 49th in green,44th in fitness and 39th in happiness. Isn’t it time to re-consider what we are busy about?

Truth is,most of us are busy preserving the status quo;or maybe tweaking it a bit in …[ continue reading ]

Proud to be a Hoosier Cheer Leader

My Daddy had a name for people who worked hard,were innovative in their line of work,took good care of their family,served the community,sought no acclaim and were fun to be around;he called them “the salt of the earth.” Traveling around Indiana I keep finding these “salt of the earth” people everywhere. They are farmers,academics,…[ continue reading ]