Muncie Bureau of Water Quality

Rick Conrad

5150 West Kilgore Avenue

Muncie, Indiana 47304

(765) 747-4896


Committed to Helping Sustain and Improve water quality in our West Fork White River

As part of the Muncie Sanitary District,Bureau of Water Quality (BWQ) has been monitoring and treating Muncie’s water since 1972. The BWQ was one of the first programs formed in the nation due …[ continue reading ]

Putnamville Correctional Facility

Plant Director:  Michael Callahan

1946 West U.S. Hwy 40 

Greencastle,IN 46135

(765) 653-8441


“Prison systems have often been accused of recycling inmates.  A Central Indiana penitentiary prefers the attention it’s getting for reusing cans,bottles,paper,and cardboard.  The Putnamville Correctional Facility near Greencastle recycles 10 tons a month of cans,bottles,paper,plastic wrappers and other …[ continue reading ]

Indiana Department of Transportation

Region #8

In the late 90′s,INDOT began a program aimed at beautifying Indiana’s roadways. The Hoosier Roadside Heritage Program is promoting and incorporating native plants and wildflowers to Indiana’s roadside landscape. This provides several benefits:enhancing beauty of the environment,reducing erosion,minimizing costs associated with mowing,improving soil quality,and controlling invasive plant species


Bloomington Pay As You Throw

Region #5

The implementation of a curbside recycling program,along with a pay-as-you-throw trash scheme,has prevented the amount of trash collected by the City from increasing beyond 1990 levels,despite population increases. Bloomington’s pay-as-you-throw policy,which requires that residents pay for each bag collected,has clearly reduced the amount of trash generated. Trash collected by the City declined by …[ continue reading ]

Green City Business

Fort Wayne,Region #2

76 businesses trained,15 businesses certified as a Green City Business.

Julia Gorrell (260) 427-6059


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