John XXIII Retreat Center

Director: Sister Joetta Huelsmann

407 W. McDonald Street

Hartford City, IN 47348



During remodeling  old brick, solid wood cabinets and plumbing fixtures have all been reused.  Low flow bathroom fixtures are gradually being installed.  Glass serving ware is used instead of paper or plastic.  Energy efficient lighting and a beautiful skylight create warmth and grace …[ continue reading ]

Johnson’s Farm

8960 East Ridge Road

Hobart, Indiana 46342

(219) 962-1383

[email protected]

“There’s no such thing as junk here on the farm. We save every piece of equipment and reuse parts or fashion it into new configurations to serve a new purpose.”

Saves, reuses or repurposes every piece of equipment on farm.

Putnamville Correctional Facility

Plant Director:  Michael Callahan

1946 West U.S. Hwy 40 

Greencastle,IN 46135

(765) 653-8441


“Prison systems have often been accused of recycling inmates.  A Central Indiana penitentiary prefers the attention it’s getting for reusing cans,bottles,paper,and cardboard.  The Putnamville Correctional Facility near Greencastle recycles 10 tons a month of cans,bottles,paper,plastic wrappers and other …[ continue reading ]

Urban ReCycle

Director:  Carol Wellman

5620 Crawfordsville Road

Speedway, Indiana 46224

(317) 509-1219

My Sister’s Place started out in 2008 as a non-profit that provided transitional services to marginalized and underserved women who had reached a certain level of despair while trying to heal from the traumas of life. Many were in various stages of recovery from substances and most …[ continue reading ]

Cope Environmental Center

4910 Shoemaker Road

Centerville,IN 47330


[email protected]

Cope Environmental Center is here to help our community make sense of sustainability.  This commitment to the environment stems from a long tradition of environmental stewardship dating back to pre-organization days.  Our founders,Jim &Helen Cope and Fran Parks made conservation a  way of life and dedicated themselves …[ continue reading ]


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