Purdue University Kriebel Herbarium

West Lafayette,Region #9

The Kriebel Herbarium comprises approximately 70,000 specimens of vascular plants,along with perhaps 2,000 specimens of algae,bryophytes and fungi other than rusts.

765- 494-4623 [email protected].

Purdue Green Roof

West Lafayette,Region #9

Green Roof on Schleman Hall,765- 494-4600.

Purdue Solar Racing

West Lafayette,Region #9

Outcome(s) to Date:multiple awards,started in 1991.

Ted Pesyna,President www.Purduesolar.org

Rivers Institute at Hanover College

Region #4

The mission of the Rivers Institute at Hanover College is to promote an understanding of the natural and cultural history of river environments. The Rivers Institute at Hanover College uses river environments to educate current and future students and the general public about environmental issues through the natural and social sciences,the arts,and the humanities.

Dr. Larry …[ continue reading ]

Butler University Center for Urban Ecology

Indianapolis,Region #8

Rain barrel water testing,urban farm,blue bird nesting boxes,etc.

Tim Carter www.butler.edu/urban-ecology [email protected]


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