Region 8

Mayfield Green Housing Cooperative

Mayfield Green is a pleasant place to live. It has a playground, large swimming pool, exercise room, computer lab and a large expanse of green space. Its 344 townhouses sit on 37 acres. The crime rate is low. Its community center provides everything from ESL classes to health fairs. A visitor finds a vital and well-kept housing complex. What’s different about Mayfield Green is that it is neither a for-profit apartment complex nor a form of subsidized housing. It’s a housing cooperative in which the residents actually own a share of the entire property. As owners, they elect the board…
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“Hands on Indiana”

“Hands On Indiana” engages the public to celebrate Indiana’s Bicentennial in 2016 by pledging to sustain Indiana’s Air, Water, Food, Energy, and Biodiversity. The pledge is to take hands-on actions organized to help the “What can I do?” person make better choices in their daily life. HANDS ON INDIANA has on line resources to inform and engage anyone wanting to chart their course at These hands represent the participant’s commitment to Indiana’s sustainability. They are created by coloring the patterned film from computer keyboards then tracing hands, cutting them out and sharing them. This show is the first mass…
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A Fresh Look at Irvington

Summer Sunday afternoons in the Irvington neighborhood of Indianapolis are special. Around 10am, tents start popping up all over the northwest corner of Ellenberger Park (5301 East Saint Clair) and tables are put out. Within just an hour or so, booths full of fruits & vegetables, crafts, art, soaps, and honey are greeting people and selling their products. It’s not the only farmer’s market of its kind, but it’s a welcome fixture in a state that continues to get 90% of its food from outside our borders. We took full advantage of our afternoon at the Irvington Farmers Market, walking around…
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Solar Chat: Rectify Solar

Phil Teague was a young man working for Marathon Oil. The bills were getting paid and he was earning a decent living. Then one day he learned about the Alberta tar sands oil and its potentially huge environmental impact. He decided that while the paycheck was nice, he couldn’t live with himself in his job. Thus was born Rectify Solar LLC. Phil with his two brothers formed the company in 2013 to promote solar energy. Based in Indianapolis and Boonville, they perform energy audits and install solar panels as well as vehicle charging stations.  Phil is now a Board Member…
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Solar Chat with Ray Wilson, Solar Homeowner

by Shannon Anderson Solar is on the rise and with electricity costs on the rise also, many people are looking to make the switch. I sat down with my friend Ray Wilson, who has owned photovoltaic panels for several years, about his experience being the first wave of Hoosier solar homes. Ray told us about how his background in agricultural engineering coupled with the 1973 oil embargo and price surging made him a bit of an energy expert at the Farm Bureau, he says “I became really interested in energy and the finite amount of it. Farmers are always interested…
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