Trails to Love

The annual Covered Bridge Festival brings thousands of people to Parke County, Indiana every year, providing a boost to their local economy in a short period of time. The Covered Bridge Gateway Trails Association is working on creating a more permanent flow of tourism by building connecting liner parks. In 2009 the Association, a501c3 non-profit, was formed, by a group of folks who are not avid cyclists or runners, but people who care about the future of Parke County. They are concentrating on a 12 mile trail development from Rockville to Rosedale. Through the Rails-to-Trails program Governor Daniels started, they…
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Wesselman Nature Society

Location:  551 N. Boeke Road, Evansville (Vanderburgh County) 47711 The mission of Wesselman Nature Society is to create experiences which connect people with nature, motivate them to lead sustainable lives, and take action to protect wildlife and wild places. The nature society is the parent organization of Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve, an Indiana State Nature Preserve and National Natural Landmark; Howell Wetlands, a 35-acre urban wetland; and Canoe Evansville, a program offering safe passage canoe trips on Pigeon Creek and other area waterways. The nature society offers children’s nature programming and annual public events such as the Maple Sugarbush and…
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Center for Sustainable Living

Center for Sustainable Living 815 S Rose Ave Bloomington, IN 47401 The Center for Sustainable Living is an umbrella organization that is comprised of a variety of grassroots environmental projects focused on different aspects of sustainability.  It is the mission of the Center to make available information, services, projects and networking opportunities for those interested in exploring ecologically sustainable ways of thinking, living and interacting in our community. The goals of the Center for Sustainable Living are: to integrate human settlements and activities harmoniously into the natural world to provide services, information, tools and networking opportunities for those interested in sustainable…
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Irvington Green Initiatives

The Irvington Green Initiative (IGI) P.O. Box 19714 Indianapolis, IN 46219 A project of the Irvington Development Organization (IDO) which takes an apolitical, positive approach toward encouraging people to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. In 2010, the Irvington Green Initiative took the idea of building Relationships to a Radical level by partnering with over 40 groups, organizations and businesses to accomplish 3 major goals: ·        Develop a Teaching Rain Garden ·        Produce a Spirit and Place Festival event ·        Launch the monthly ‘Green Hour’ grass roots engagement and networking series Through Radical Relationship Building and the successful accomplishment of these goals, IGI made the leap from a…
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