Natural Building Group

 Bloomington ECO Center

323 S. Walnut St.

Bloomington,  Indiana 47401


The Natural Building Group explores and exchanges information on natural building techniques like the Straw Bale House.


Center for Sustainable Living

P.O. Box 1665

Bloomington,Indiana 47402


[email protected]


It is the mission of the Center to make available information,services,projects and networking opportunities for those interested in exploring ecologically sustainable ways of thinking,living and interacting in our community.

The goals of the Center for Sustainable Living are:

to integrate human settlements and activities harmoniously …[ continue reading ]

The Community Bicycle Project

214 N. Madison St.

Bloomington IN 47404-3961

(765) 491-7960

(812) 323-8621

[email protected]

The Community Bike Project is a Bloomington-based organization that focuses on providing bike transportation to the people of the city. They focus on teaching bicycle maintenance in order to ensure that bikes on the streets stay on the streets.

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Bloomington Pay As You Throw

Region #5

The implementation of a curbside recycling program,along with a pay-as-you-throw trash scheme,has prevented the amount of trash collected by the City from increasing beyond 1990 levels,despite population increases. Bloomington’s pay-as-you-throw policy,which requires that residents pay for each bag collected,has clearly reduced the amount of trash generated. Trash collected by the City declined by …[ continue reading ]

St. David’s Episcopal Church

Nashville,Region #5

Dave Richards 812-988-1038 [email protected]


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