Indianapolis Power & Light Company: An Enlightening Green Utility

Glenn Livers, Green Power Option Manager, reports that in the 10 year history of the program there has never been a year in which enrollment has not increased over the previous year.  When a customer chooses to participate in the “green power” program, the utility matches the customer’s enrolled electricity use with renewable energy. This ensures that for every kilowatt …[ continue reading ]

TRAINING, INC. – Success in the City since 1981

“This e-mail [from a Training, Inc. graduate] is a note to just say thank you.  A little over 20 years ago when I came to Training, Inc. I was a single mother on government assistance, alone in a city where I experienced a lot of broken promises.  I knew that it was not my destiny to be a ‘welfare mom.’  …[ continue reading ]

Urban ReCycle – Clothing With A Purpose

We Re-Cycle People & Polyester! Inspiring & Empowering Women Creating Jobs Saving the Planet!

My Sister’s Place started out in 2008 as a non-profit that provided transitional services to marginalized and underserved women who had reached a certain level of despair while trying to heal from the traumas of life. Many were in various stages of recovery from substances …[ continue reading ]


(Robin Run Village is an Exceptional Senior Facility owned and operated by  Brookdale Corporation)

The Green Team met monthly to plan, execute, and evaluate several projects related to building a sustainable community at Robin Run. Our major accomplishments were as follows:

Sponsored two seminars, January and June, led by Phil Seybold, on building a sustainable community. Prepared Directions for Robin …[ continue reading ]

KATZ & KORIN – Cultural incubator

PQ: “The sense that you surround yourselves with things that make you think, make you experience new things — that’s a vibrant part of what we are as lawyers.” —Partner Sally Franklin Zweig

“Envisioning opportunities for our clients and our community,” says the mission statement of law firm Katz & Korin (K & K). Since moving eight years ago into …[ continue reading ]


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