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Trails to Love

The annual Covered Bridge Festival brings thousands of people to Parke County, Indiana every year, providing a boost to their local economy in a short period of time. The Covered Bridge Gateway Trails Association is working on creating a more permanent flow of tourism by building connecting liner parks. In 2009 the Association, a501c3 non-profit, was formed, by a group of folks who are not avid cyclists or runners, but people who care about the future of Parke County. They are concentrating on a 12 mile trail development from Rockville to Rosedale. Through the Rails-to-Trails program Governor Daniels started, they…
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‘Space tree’ serves as reminder to protect the earth

Exposing kids to a variety of experiences can help better direct their future. This lesson couldn’t be any truer for Jerry Ross. “The beauty of the earth is inspiring,” he said. As a child he was enrolled in 4-H. “It was one of those organizations I felt that helped me as a young person to mature and develop and to learn responsibilities and to learn to stick to something I committed to.” His 4-H foundation helped launch his stellar career as an adult. Ross grew up in Crown Point, is a graduate of Purdue University, a retired Air Force officer and…
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Ditzler Orchard

Ditzler Orchard in Rosedale (8902 S 625 W) sits on the top of a hill off a half-paved, half-white-rock road. The orchard reminds me of fond memories from my childhood. Growing up in New England, it was a fall tradition for my aunt and uncle to take me and my sisters apple picking. As a child, the trees seemed so tall. My aunt and uncle, six feet tall or greater, would hoist me up or put me on their shoulders. I would reach high up into the tree and grab apples and pass them down below to be put in…
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Political Waste

At one of the handful of campaign events I attended this past political season, when the room cleared at the end of the night, tables were left decorated in political propaganda. The fliers I assume were thrown away by janitorial staff. As I navigated my way home I passed hundreds of yard signs, and dozens of billboards aimed at vying for your vote. What happens with all of these materials after everyone casts their ballot and the results come in? Politicians seeking another term in office or willing to make another run for a top spot may save their signs…
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Tips for a green Christmas

No matter how snowy it is where you live, you can have a green Christmas. Each year in the U.S., approximately $75 billion is spent on Christmas gifts, 1.9 billion cards are sent and 20.8 million trees are cut. This year, you can save a little money and the environment by carefully choosing eco-friendly gifts and décor. It’s easier than you think. Gifts Shop local. Transportation of goods contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Buying from local producers reduces environment impact and supports the local economy. In addition, money spent at local businesses generates 3.5 times more wealth…
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