Converting Gas Guzzlers to Electric Hybrids

Converting Gas Guzzlers to Electric Hybrids
Jeff Ronning, VP of Systems Architecture, shows Indy Champ, and Echo advisor, Arie Luyendyk how easily EchoDrive installs.

Echo Automotive has developed technology at their Anderson (Madison County) tech center that the National Truck Equipment Association has called the most innovative product of the year.  The technology bolts onto existing or new fleet vehicles and turns them into a highly efficient hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Echo Automotive

The EchoDrive™ system enables vehicles to leverage electric grid power at a fraction of the cost of fossil fuels. EchoDrive™ applies the energy stored in the battery via the electric motor to assist the powertrain when the internal combustion engine is most inefficient, significantly reducing the workload of the engine and the use of fossil fuels.  EchoDrive™ also uses regenerative braking to recapture energy that is typically lost during braking.  The recaptured energy is returned to the battery for later use.

These strategies combine to reduce the total energy use as well as the pollution and CO2 emissions associated with the typical internal combustion engine.

Learn more about this innovative company and its products by visiting it website at, or contact them by phone at (855) 324-6288.


Submitted by Dick Sprague