Live a Sustainable Life

Overwhelmed and worried?  Want to help but don’t know what to do?
Here are some do-able actions that will really make a difference. Do something every week. Then tell somebody else what you did and how it felt. Invite a friend to take action with you on the bigger, more difficult projects like the 2013 Mass Action of the Year.

  • Eat small portions — mostly fruits and vegetables.

  • Arrange a home energy audit and seal indicated leaks

  • Recycle everything you can’t reuse, trade, or donate  

  • Walk at least 3 miles weekly

  • Shop weekly at a Farmer’s Market

  • Refuse to fertilize or water lawn

  • Reduce spending for non-essentials and support locally owned business

  • Give up all soda pop drinks

  • Install low-flow shower heads and toilets

  • Buy products that come in recyclable packaging

  • Buy a bicycle and wear it out

  • Plant a garden (backyard, container, community plot, etc.)

  • Set thermostat to 68 in winter and to 78 in summer

  • Join in tree planting and tending projects


  • Cut meat consumption in half and eat only grass fed, free range animals.

  • Replace appliances as needed with “Energy Star” equipment

  • Compost food scraps

  • Cut fuel consumption in half: drive less, buy a hybrid, car pool, teleconference and use public transportation whenever possible

  • Join a retail Food Cooperative or CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

  • Divest in fossil fuel companies (coal, gas, oil)

  • Advocate for clean, renewable energy (choose the Green Power option where available)