GREEN MINDS – Fountain County Indiana

GREEN MINDS – Fountain County Indiana

by Amanda Shepherd

Green Minds began with like minds coming together.  In early 2009, Linda McGurk, Kay Hunter, and Alinda Dickinson were discussing what could be done in their community to reduce their footprint and increase awareness of sustainable practices. That discussion resulted in their first Earth Day celebration.  Green Minds has been participating in, and benefitting, the community ever since.

GREEN MINDS – Fountain County IndianaDuring their Earth Day meeting, the participants of Green Minds discovered a common interest in local food and support for local farmers.  Thus began the Covington Farmer’s Market.  The farmer’s market takes place on the courthouse square every Friday from 4:00 – 7:00 PM from the month of May to mid-October.  There are no fees for those who participate, nor is there a sign-up procedure.  The entire goal of the market is to provide a place for local people to sell and buy healthy products with as little resistance as possible.  The market has been running for four years and is growing every year, now with between 10 and 12 vendors every Friday.

Monthly meetings of the organization started a year and a half ago and typically include speakers and/or themed topics.  Topics such as climate change, children’s health, healthy eating, along with many others have all been covered.

GREEN MINDS – Fountain County Indiana

They have defined five areas that are the focus for all of the work that they do.  Green Thumbs focuses on community beautification and gardening; Green Kids provides environmental education and looks to work with school systems to develop healthier policies; Green Communities is involved with programs such as recycling and litter pick-up; Green Living focuses on healthy eating and fitness; and Green Homes looks to increase sustainable practices and reduce waste around the house.  This past summer the Green Kids initiative got underway through presentations to children involved in the Covington Summer Parks Program.  They also worked with a local preschool and had the children visit one of the member’s homes for a field trip.  The kids hiked into the woods and collected pine cones and sticks, then picked apples and gathered eggs, fed chickens, and pulled beets out of the garden.

One thing that all members of Green Minds seem to agree on is that simple fellowship with like-minded individuals is one of the most important benefits that have been born from Green Minds.  “Environmental degradation can be overwhelming, so we focus on the small things that we can do,” says Kay Hunter.

If you would like more information on Green Minds, please contact Kay Hunter at 217-495-1009 or send her a message at .  You may also find and “like” them on Facebook at