Green With Indy, Inc.

Green With Indy, Inc.

greenindyMost people call it garbage. It’s the food stuff that is thrown away and includes both the inedible parts of food like banana peels, as well as those leftover lima beans that aren’t worth saving. And while it may be garbage to most people, to Greg Walton, it’s a precious commodity that can enrich the soil, save landfill space and reduce the use of chemicals and petroleum.

Greg is the founder and owner of Green With Indy, Inc. which began operation last year. It’s Indianapolis’ first food composting pick-up service. For a fee, customers receive a compost bin which is picked up on a weekly basis and brought to a composting site where it is turned into a superb soil enhancer.

Greg speaks of the “circle of life of food.” Food waste is composted, turned into a soil enhancer which produces more food. This is an alternative to throwing food away, a costly practice that adds unnecessarily to our landfill demand. About forty percent of waste is food and can be composted. This is returned to the soil where it reduces the need for petroleum based fertilizer. The only down side of composting food waste is the messy, sometime smelly waste. Green with Indy solves that problem by hauling it away for you.

In addition to My Composter!, the composting pick-up service, Green With Indy, Inc. will assist you through MyVeggieGardener! in getting started with your garden and stay with you in the process throughout the growing season.  And when your garden provides an overabundance of a veggie, they operate MyVeggieExchange!, a vegetable exchange program whereby you can swap those extra cucumbers for some else’s extra green beans.

Greg also is planning to start MyMamaCanCook!, a series of online video tutorials for those that either never learned or have forgotten how to cook. People often say they are too busy to cook, but Greg will demonstrate how one or two cooking sessions a week can provide healthy meals for every day of the week.

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-Dick Clough