“Hands on Indiana”

“Hands On Indiana” engages the public to celebrate Indiana’s Bicentennial in 2016 by pledging to sustain Indiana’s Air, Water, Food, Energy, and Biodiversity. The pledge is to take hands-on actions organized to help the “What can I do?” person make better choices in their daily life. HANDS ON INDIANA has on line resources to inform and engage anyone wanting to chart their course at

These hands represent the participant’s commitment to Indiana’s sustainability. They are created by coloring the patterned film from computer keyboards then tracing hands, cutting them out and sharing them.

This show is the first mass display of Pledges. Mass displays are expected in both virtual and physical spaces during the Bicentennial celebrations in 2016. Everyone can participate in the project and Pledge to sustain Indiana for the next 100 years.

To Pledge your hand to Indiana’s future, take part in the project here at the self-serve station or follow the DIY Video found at Please share your hand and your Pledge on-line to encourage others to take the Pledge by posting and tagging your photos with #HandsOnIndiana.

Contact Marilyn Gatin or Earth Charter Indiana to propose your location for mass displays to celebrate the Bicentennial.

-submitted by Marilyn Gatin

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