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Climate solutions come in all sizes from colossal wind and solar installations to a house on the corner of a quiet street in North Manchester where Foy Spicer, her husband, Jim, and 2 year old daughter, June, are making it work.

“I am convinced that the best food is home grown and that nourishing eats can be enjoyed on a tiny budget” says Foy.  It probably helps that Foy is an educated horticulturist but far beyond the  degree is her dedication to a simple, healthy, and affordable lifestyle.

It all starts with a plan.  The family dining table becomes a drawing board where the backyard garden is sketched out and seeds identified that will be planted in the spring.  Produce from the garden and other local sources gets artfully crafted into tasty and nutritious eats or preserved in pint and quart jars for the off season.  The basement becomes a cool storage area for shelves of these canned veggies, pickles, etc.

To learn more about the adventures of living sustainably at home go to  where you will find Foy’s “Garden, Cook, Write, Repeat” motto and blog.


Submitted by John Gibson