Locally Grown Apples

Locally Grown Apples

Over the last ten years Dick and Jude Sochacki have developed a thriving orchard and agri-business in Madison County.  Their orchard has more than 750 trees producing over 25 varieties of apples.  They have the traditional varieties like Macintosh and Delicious, but also have many of the newer varieties, including some that were developed at Purdue University.  They also produce and sell products like apple butter, cider, apple pie filling, and many more.  (See their website for a full list of apple varieties and products)

Locally Grown ApplesPrior to establishing their orchard, Dick and Jude were in full time ministry with the United Methodist Church.  Clearly they have changed their occupation, but not their desire to serve and minister.  You might say that they are now feeding the body as will as the soul, since they are still involved in ministry along with their work at the orchard.  You can read more of their story at their website.

During the growing season Dick and Jude spend 6 days a week at their orchard or at farmer’s markets in central Indiana.  Their orchard and road side stand is located in east of Anderson on county road S 300 E.  See their website for a map and hours of operation.  They will be happy to see you and tell you about “growing apples God’s way”.


Submitted by Dick Sprague