Moms Clean Air Force

Moms Clean Air Force

Dear Fellow Hoosiers,

The bad news keeps coming about Indiana’s environment. Last week, Indianapolis topped a list of the unhealthiest major cities in the nation because of its poor air quality. Most of our problems are caused by the fact that more than 90 percent of our electricity is generated by coal. Coal-fired power plants emit planet-warming greenhouse gases; smog and soot linked to disease and premature death; and toxic mercury pollution that puts babies at risk for serious developmental and neurological problems.

My husband and I are raising our two-year-old daughter in Evansville, within a 62-mile radius of 17 coal-fired plants. It’s painful to realize we are raising our child in a state that is regularly at the bottom of most lists measuring environmental quality and health.  But we can act. Moms Clean Air Force is launching a campaign right here in Indiana and we need Hoosier moms (and dads!) to help.

Some of the worst-polluting utilities are spending millions to stop new rules that would protect our children from toxic mercury pollution. American Electric Power, which operates a Rockport, Indiana, coal plant ranked among the worst mercury-emitting coal plants in the U.S., is among them.

Please sign and share the petition: Tell American Electric Power & FirstEnergy: Fund Clean Air, Not Lawsuits and join the Indiana Moms Clean Air Force Facebook group.

I’m so proud that Moms Clean Air Force is in our state, and hope you will join us in creating a cleaner, safer Indiana for our children.

Wendy Bredhold, Indiana Field Organizer