The Case Against CAFOs in Indiana

There are already far too many protections and allowances for the many CAFO’s in our state.  A CAFO was proposed 2 years ago in Lakeville and our community rejected it.  The CAFO would have released liquid manure into near surface groundwater.  When stormwater reaches high levels in areas of near surface groundwater, karst, or other fragile lands,  existing IDEM rules mandating manure lagoons to contain the waste are NOT adequate and the waste can overflow into nearby surface waters or groundwater. Methane emissions are huge from CAFO’s.  A major contributor to climate change, methane is several times more of a concern than fossil fuel emissions….
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First Green Tip for January, 2015

BUY RECYCLED PAPER PRODUCTS, such as greeting cards, paper plates, paper towels, computer paper, envelopes, gift wrapping, etc. It’s good that we all recycle our waste paper, but if there’s no market for the recycled product the system won’t work. Besides, using recycled paper products vastly reduces the amount of trees that are destroyed, and trees are crucial for absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere. Forests around the world are being decimated at a prodigious rate. “If every household in the U.S. replaced just one package of 40 paper plates made from virgin fiber with 100% recycled ones, we could save…
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Climate Clues

You can’t tell anything about the climate by just looking out your window at the conditions in your backyard.  Likewise you can’t tell anything about the global climate by looking only at the conditions in Indiana. Jeff Dukes, Purdue professor and director of the university’s Climate Change Research Center, tells how 2014 was relatively cool in Indiana but other parts of the United States were clearly warmer in 2014 and globally it was one of the warmest years on record. Check the Indiana Public Media website for the full article.  Submitted by: Dick Sprague Regional Coordinator Anderson

Trails to Love

The annual Covered Bridge Festival brings thousands of people to Parke County, Indiana every year, providing a boost to their local economy in a short period of time. The Covered Bridge Gateway Trails Association is working on creating a more permanent flow of tourism by building connecting liner parks. In 2009 the Association, a501c3 non-profit, was formed, by a group of folks who are not avid cyclists or runners, but people who care about the future of Parke County. They are concentrating on a 12 mile trail development from Rockville to Rosedale. Through the Rails-to-Trails program Governor Daniels started, they…
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‘Space tree’ serves as reminder to protect the earth

Exposing kids to a variety of experiences can help better direct their future. This lesson couldn’t be any truer for Jerry Ross. “The beauty of the earth is inspiring,” he said. As a child he was enrolled in 4-H. “It was one of those organizations I felt that helped me as a young person to mature and develop and to learn responsibilities and to learn to stick to something I committed to.” His 4-H foundation helped launch his stellar career as an adult. Ross grew up in Crown Point, is a graduate of Purdue University, a retired Air Force officer and…
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