(Robin Run Village is an Exceptional Senior Facility owned and operated by  Brookdale Corporation)

The Green Team met monthly to plan, execute, and evaluate several projects related to building a sustainable community at Robin Run. Our major accomplishments were as follows:

  • Sponsored two seminars, January and June, led by Phil Seybold, on building a sustainable community.
  • Prepared Directions for Robin Run Recycling Program with separate instructions for Garden Homes and Independent Living and Assisted Living Apartments. Copies distributed to all residents and included in the Resident Services’s orientation of each new resident.
  • Improved participation by Tower residents and Food Service staff in recycling proper items.
  • Sponsored collection of electronic (Recycle Force) and household hazardous waste (Tox Drop) for proper disposal which was a big success.
  • Met with David Pruett, CEO, three time to share our concerns, plan together, and help set “Green Goals” for Robin Run.
  • Promoted the IPL “Cool Cents” and “Green Power Initiative” programs among Robin Run home owners.
  • Staffed a booth at the Fall Festival, for the first time, promoting green initiatives.
  • Purchased two Kill-A-Watt® meters and shared these with Garden Home owners to measure individual appliance use of electricity.
  • Cooperated with Administration in placing a collection container for spent CFL bulbs in each Tower recycle room for use of Garden Home and Apartment residents.
  • Purchased and mounted a plaque at the trail head naming the walking path the “Bill and Nell Larrison Tribute Trail.”
  • Formed a larger Green Initiatives Conversation Group.

Bob Glass, Green Team Chairperson


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