Personal Story of Jane Santucci

JaneMy journey in environmentalism started in High School when I joined S.A.V.E. (Students Against Violating the Environment). Since then I’ve kept this purpose alive by surrounding myself with hard working, passionate, goal orientated people. When I see everyone coming together to make changes, that will positively impact the future, it helps keep me going. These people evoke energy in me all the time.

I express my environmental commitment with my lifestyle. I enter a store with a reusable bag. I compost every last piece of food that is not meat or dairy. I also make a point to integrate these things into conversation I have with folks. We only have this one planet and once we destroy it, there is no government, group or organization to bail us out. We effectively must be the change we want to see in the world.

As far as specific project are concerned. I am always balancing about a handful at a time. When one wraps up I have another three to throw in the fire. They range from planting trees to recycling events. It only takes one to make a difference, but it take a village to make a movement. People and businesses contribute to my efforts and I would like to think I contribute to theirs. This work has helped me see that you can get more done when you work together.

There will always be the people, trying to “blow your house down.” I visually move these folks aside and work with those interested in helping build. When I see ‘what will happen, if nothing is done’ then I step up to make sure at least something gets done. Too often I hear folks listening to the siren, but not willing to jump up and ‘take cover’. Anytime folks are willing to help, it makes me feel real good about the work I do.

I have my bedroom wall covered in post-it notes and a journal next to my bed. The list of concerns and things to do is never ending. However, when there is a will, there is a way.

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