Stop lying by omission and #CoverClimate

Did you know that in the past month, ABC, CBS, and NBC covered the royal baby 138 times combined? How often do you think they covered climate change? Once. That’s right, only CBS covered climate change. Once. ABC and NBC didn’t cover it at all, which is unacceptable.
More than 3,000 of you joined us to ask ABC, CBS, and NBC to #CoverClimate and the media is beginning to listen. The networks have covered climate change 13 times this year so far. We’re winning, but we can’t stop here. We need to keep the public pressure on the networks.
We need you on Facebook.
Here’s why: The media pays attention to social media. If this image goes viral, it makes them look bad and shows them how many people care about climate coverage. This will encourage them to cover climate change even more often.
So are you with us?
A recent poll showed that 66% of voters under the age of 35 believe that climate change denial is a failure of leadership and values. There is a movement of people who are demanding climate change action, and it’s growing. This is perfect timing because now we’re in the lead up to the next international climate negotiation in Rio de Janeiro in 2014. Now is the time to act on climate change. We need the media to #CoverClimate to continue to create public awareness and build the movement.