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5324 Hanka Rd. Floyds Knobs, IN 47119, Floyd County

Engineer Jeremy Coxon started teaching himself about renewable energy while working for the Lilly Corporation in Indianapolis. His job there, finding best practices for reliable energy management, taught him the economic value of systems that would not shut down when the electrical grid lost power.

About ten years ago his family visited Germany. There, despite having far less solar and wind energy possible than we have here, renewable energy was booming. Germany continues to lead the world in renewable energy. Germany is well on the way to reaching its national goal of 80% renewable energy by 2050. That trip, and the birth of his daughter, inspired Coxon to start his own renewable energy company in Floyds Knobs, Indiana.

SunWind’s installations have been large, small, and in between. Large: wind turbine and solar array for Hoosier Energy in southwestern Indiana, providing power to electrical coops in the state. Small: solar photovoltaic and solar water installations for homes in southern Indiana, Louisville, and as far away as Wendell Berry’s home in Henry County, Kentucky. In between: large and small-scale solar arrays on churches, including St. Williams Catholic Church and First Unitarian Church in Louisville.

Jeremy is a true believer, eager to demonstrate the simplicity and the financial and environmental impact of solar power. He testifies that whenever a new system is installed, it plants the seed for others to consider renewable energy. Before installing the panels on the Unitarian church roof, he lined them up in the sanctuary to allow members to consider costs and benefits: “If they can buy a new car, or even a used one, every five or ten years, they can easily afford to do something concrete right now that to help stop climate change.” In Indiana, where 85% of all electrical power comes from coal, renewable energy also prevents destruction of land from mining, and degradation of air and water from power plant emissions.

The U.S. government provides 30% tax credits for renewable energy systems, and the price of solar panels has been dropping so much that the price is at or even below parity with conventional power sources. With fossil fuel energy rates continuing to increase by 5% per year, solar panels are the right choice not only for our ecological future, but also for economic stability for families, businesses, and organizations.


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Submitted by Trisha Tull