TF Publishing- Creatively Green

TF Publishing- Creatively Green



6355 Morenci Trail, Indianapolis IN 46268

TF Publishing is not your standard small business. They brew beer on the premises for their employees benefit. They’re planning to raise chickens as part of a recycling program (“Chickens eat anything.”)  And, oh yes, there’s a 100 foot wind turbine behind their building.

The company sells calendars of every conceivable kind – wall calendars, desk calendars, pocket calendars and more.  Their subjects include everything from cute little kittens to Nascar racecars. If you want a calendar, they’ve got one for you, no matter what your taste.

What distinguishes TF Publishing from other small businesses is its commitment to being environmentally responsible. Founder and president, Jim Purcell says, “I’ve always had green leanings. That’s a part of who I am.” Thus, when he started the committee 17 years ago, he looked for ways to be green in his business dealing. This led to a number of steps for the company.

Their paper is all certified by the Forest Stewardship Council which means it comes from responsibly managed forests. Most of its cardboard is post-consumer. It has also brought recycling containers for their entire office park.  Their ink is environmentally friendly.

But it’s the windmill that is most striking. As you approach their company just north of W. 62 St. in Indianapolis, you notice a 100 foot tall wind turbine whirring away in their back yard. The company made a substantial investment back in 2008. They were aided by some grants and tax write-offs. The turbine has been online since that time with very little maintenance. It doesn’t supply all their electric needs but it cuts mightily into their electric bill. Purcell estimates they go completely off the grid 35-45 days a year. On other days, their purchase of electricity from IPL is significantly reduced.

TF Publishing is an example of what a green business looks like. Their commitment to sustainable practices makes Indiana a better place to live.

Contact Information: 

(317) 290-1333

Submitted by:
Richard  Clough 
SI 2016 Regional Coordinator, Indianapolis