The Bicycle Hospital

The Bicycle Hospital

Bicycling isn’t the solution to our environmental crisis but it is one piece of it. You can go from point A to point B on a bike with absolutely zero carbon emissions and get some good cardio exercise in the bargain. With 65 miles of bikes lanes in Indianapolis now and another 200 planned, biking is become more and more attractive.

Should your bike break down as occasionally happens, the Bicycle Hospital is the place to take it for repairs. It’s owned by a man named Charles Squires. Charlie is a bit of a throwback. The place doesn’t have a web site since that would mean someone spending their entire day in front of a computer. In fact, he doesn’t seem altogether pleased that it’s necessary to have a computer at all. He’s been working at the Bicycle Hospital for 50 years. The business itself has been open for 60 years, forty of them at the same Michigan Road address.

The Bicycle Hospital repairs bikes as well as sells new ones. You find a beehive of activity if you bring your bike in. Some are bringing in that bike that’s been in the garage collecting dust for years, while others are keeping their bikes in top shape. They also sell new bicycles.

Charlie says that every time gas prices jump, business picks up a little. Usually the interest is short-lived but this time, things seem to be changing permanently. If so, the world will be a better (and greener) place.

Submitted By:
Richard Clough
SI 2016 Regional Coordinator, Indianapolis