The Children’s House and Adelaide’s World Saver

The Children’s House and Adelaide’s World Saver

When it comes to climate change, some people get it and some don’t. Six year old Adelaide definitely gets it.

Adelaide is a student at The Children’s House, a Montessori based school located in northwest Indianapolis. Recently, Earth Charter’s Jim Poyser led a nine week session on climate change at the school. Among the many activities of the program, the children measured their carbon footprint, made bumper stickers and toured several sites where people are combating global warming.

The Children’s House and Adelaide’s World Saver - DiagramBehind the school is a small wooded area. As part of their work, the children went there and imagined what would happen if all the trees disappeared. The result was a play called “The Great Children’s House Tree.” In this drama, each child becomes an animal and describes how they are affected by the loss of trees. The play will be presented on Nov. 25 at Marian University.

As a result of the climate change sessions, Adelaide drew the above diagram that describes how she sees the problem and what can be done about it. The drawing is to be followed starting at the bottom and from left to right moving upward. These are her comments about the pictures:

  1. This shows what I am thinking about.
  2. This is about cutting down trees. Birds live in trees and they lose their homes.
  3. We throw trash into the water where fish live.
  4. There are less trees every day and 10 people are born every day and there is less air for us to breathe.
  5. We sweep away spider webs where spiders live.
  6. We drink up the water that fish live in.
  7. This is an axolotl. They need cold water. [An axolotl is an amphibian also known as a walking fish or Mexican salamander.]
  8. Do you love birds? You already know that birds live in trees but they also build nests.
  9. No more cutting down trees. Instead, dig a hole and put a tree seed and grow another tree.
  10. I’m pretty sure animals are endangered from small birds to big whales
  11. When plants die, take their seeds and plant them back.
  12. Worms need water so if you see a worm on the sidewalk, pick it up.
  13. Help me and my animals.

Adelaide added that because the polar ice caps are melting, Santa might not have a place to live. That, indeed, would be a great tragedy. May we all join Adelaide in saving Santa’s home and the rest of the planet.


Submitted by Richard Clough