TRAINING, INC. – Success in the City since 1981

“This e-mail [from a Training, Inc. graduate] is a note to just say thank you.  A little over 20 years ago when I came to Training, Inc. I was a single mother on government assistance, alone in a city where I experienced a lot of broken promises.  I knew that it was not my destiny to be a ‘welfare mom.’  To make a long story short you helped me develop my clerical skills and get a job as a daycare administrative assistant and teacher which led me to going back to school and getting other positions.  Fast forward twenty years later and I’m now a first year principal of an elementary school.  In my case it’s not just in my life, but in all of the lives that I’ve touched as teacher, instructional coach and administrator.” (Lauren Johnson, Principal of James Russell Lowell School 51)

Training, Inc. has been a proud part of the Indianapolis workforce landscape for 30 years.  In that time, it has provided services to more than 5000 people who are seeking jobs and to 400 employers seeking competent employees.  As a nonprofit organization, it provides a 12 week job skills training program that equips people for success both inside the training room and in life.

The office skills simulation approach provides a real-world experience for those who may find it hard to navigate the workplace.  Their unique training program provides some of the highest placement and retention rates in Indianapolis, with an average of 93%.

Peggy Frame, Executive Director

Katie Short, Administrative Assistant, [email protected]


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