Unleavened Bread Café

Unleavened Bread Café



3003 Central Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46205

It is not glamorous in appearance or full of the finest things money can buy, but Elease Womack’s Unleavened Bread Café is far from flawed. With a sturdy foundation built on God’s will Elease began her journey with a visit to Tabernacle Presbyterian Church. While surrounded by a group of higher educated white Americans Elease referenced her B.A., Born Again degree, citing her inspiration in passages from both Luke and Ezekiel and gained spiritual allies. Aside from serving food, the café caters to rehabilitating those in need of a second chance or revitalized hope. Much of the food served is harvested from the community garden just outside the building. Several rectangular boxes are placed amongst the land and individuals, families, or organizations can rent out space and utilize the garden. Joe, the caretaker, has not experienced any issues with stealing despite the openness and lack of security.

As mentioned before, the café has firm roots in the Lord’s word and one will find daily Bible studies and Sunday church services. Additionally, Unleavened Bread offers different lessons, both survival and therapeutic, including trauma and recovery courses. The café can also be used as a venue for different theatrical productions, plays, and classes. More than anything Unleavened Bread café is where one can find motherly love and support that they have yet to experience in life.

This charitable work is carried out through funding provided by Tabernacle Presbyterian, Broadway United Methodist, and North United Methodist churches, individual donations, and occasional grants, but Ms. Womack and her café rely most heavily on random donations. Unleavened Bread café is a commendable example of the premise of Earth Charter Indiana as an organization; The Earth Charter itself. Combining ecological integrity, compassion for neighbors and strangers, providing opportunities, and appreciating all of Earth’s offerings are all the markings of an exemplary Earth Charter Indiana friend.

Contact Information:

(317) 920-5292

Submitted by Liv Euler and Richard Clough