When The Wind Stops Blowing

When The Wind Stops Blowing

Renewable energy generated from wind and solar sources does not produce CO2, so it does not  contribute to climate change.  But what happens when the wind stops blowing or the Sun is not shining?  Electric generating utilities can manage the predictable ups and downs from renewable energy sources, but rapid and unexpected changes cause major problems.

Electricity grids require a continuous balance between energy supply and demand. Renewable generation, such as solar and wind is intermittent, and that is slowing their adoption into the grid systems.

AltairAltairnano Technologies, in Anderson, IN produces a battery based system to deal with the intermittency problem.  The battery, based on innovative nanotechnology, stores megawatts of energy when excess energy is available and begins releasing that energy back to the grid within milliseconds when the need arises.  This gives the grid managers time to stabilize the grid, using conventional generators, and avoid major disruptions.  Since the intermittency problem has slowed the adoption of renewable energy, the Altairnano system has to potential to accelerate the adoption of wind and solar energy.

For more information about utility-scale energy storage, and to see a list of articles and white papers, visit the Altairnano website at, or call them at 888.218.4005.


Submitted by: Dick Sprague