Wind Farms in Indiana

CONGRATULATIONS INDIANA: Renewable energy is alive and well.

As of Fall 2013, Indiana ranked as the thirteenth highest state in terms of installed wind power capacity (reported by the US Department of Energy).  In 2007 Indiana had no installed wind energy, ranking it behind 32 other states.  That is great progress is the last six years.

As of 1/2/2013, 930 turbines produce 1,543.2 MW. These projects sell wind power to Indiana utilities or to buyers out-of-state.

Some of the largest installations are:

Fowler Ridge Wind Farm (BP) – Benton County
Installed: 355 turbines; 600 MW

Meadow Lake Wind Farm (Horizon Wind Energy) – White County
Installed: 303 turbines; 501.2 MW

Wildcat Wind Farm (E.ON Climate & Renewables) – Madison, Tipton Counties
Installed: 125 turbines; 200 MW

BentonCounty Wind Farm (Orion Energy Group)
Installed: 87 turbines; 131 MW

Hoosier Wind Project (EnXco) – Benton County
Installed: 53 turbines; 106 MW


For more information visit the Indiana government website, the U.S. Department of Energy website, or Wikipedia.


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Submitted by: Dick Sprague