Wolf’s Heart New Earth Community

Wolf’s Heart is a new community of people deeply committed to the changes necessary for all life systems to continue to thrive. Inspired by the principles of permaculture, we will explore design patterns for gardening and building that work in harmony with the elements of the earth. Group members will receive practical information for making changes that can be integrated into their current suburban/urban lifestyle. Examples of topics include: rainwater harvesting/ rain barrels, urban chicken farming, using recycled materials, bee-keeping, reducing dependence on plastics, and high yield, low maintenance garden design.

George Clouser is launching a new series of Universal Laws class for beginners!
Creating Your Future

LAW of Attraction, LAW of Deliberate Creation, Law of Allowing
Please join me for exploration, fun, and laughter that will change your life in unexpected and amazing ways.  We will be looking at a process to manifest what it is that you truly would like to have:  jobs, relationships, health, finances, travel, home, dreams, and more.

Class Agenda

  • Big Picture, your Life Challenges
  • Life Challenges & The Emotion Codes
  • Emotion Codes & Fear Releasing
  • Emotion Codes & Worthiness
  • Understanding the Law of Attraction
  • Applying the Law of Deliberate Creation
  • Accepting the Law of Allowing
  • The Overview and Conclusion

Classes will be offered at the following locations:

  • The Playful Soul in Broad Ripple:  Sept 9,16,23  &  Oct 7,21,28, 1-3pm - $125 for series
  • Progressive Spiritual Church in Indianapolis: Sept 9,16,23  &  Oct 7,21,28, 7-9pm - $15 per session
  • Inner Path at Indianapolis south side Sept 15,22  &  Oct 6,20,27, 1-3pm - $20 per session