Worn Out Tires Never Die

Dan and Diana McKinzie have been selling tires for more than 10 years. In recent years they have become concerned about the disposal of worn out tires and decided to begin a tire recycling business.

Their business, Green Tire Reclamation, operates in Anderson, IN, and serves communities within a 100 mile radius. The business collects old tires, dismantles them and processes the rubber into a fuel that can be used in power plants. The metal parts of the tire are sold to a metal yard to be processed into new steel. Tires from passenger cars and trucks are accepted and processed for a small fee.

The McKinsey’s also provide a valuable community service by providing jobs to individuals who have great difficulty finding employment. Dan was once given a chance when was in that situation and wants to help others the way he was helped.

To learn more about Green Tire Reclamation read a 2012 article in the Herald-Bulletin, or call them at 765-617-2795.


Submitted by Dick Sprague